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November 04, 2020


Lori Keyser-Boswell

This essay could offer a profound frame on which to hang my Lenten studies and devotions. Thank you

Cecilia Fogg Whitehurst

A powerful article, fearfully relevant today. But in paragraph 7, in the last line, I think the author meant to say, "increasingly *resistant* to moral values...", rather than "unresistant"? Bonhoeffer's thought and example have been a powerful influence in my life. Thank you for this.

Jim Gordon

Thank you for pointing that our Cecilia you are quite right and I've corrected as you suggested. Thank you for your encouragement too, Shalom, Jim

Alec Ordway

I'm a Deist, not a Christian. But it doesn't take Jesus to see the value in these thoughts. Morality towards one's fellow human is the same, with or without religion. History teaches us what the consequences are when we denigrate others, assume a superior position in life. And we see the consequences when we all regard ourselves as equal. So saying yes to humankind equality, regardless of race, creed, religion, sex, or area of birth, means saying no to bigotry and superiority. Bless all of humankind and may we stand unified against those desiring to feed off their neighbors or those denying equal rights.

L William Yolton

We are entering a fascist stage and it demands our NO to what is happening to science as truth, the detainment and torture of children, the corruption of justice and the judiciary, the denial of global warming and climate change, the expansion of the military industrial complex, and the continuing denial of human rights.

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  • Paul Nimmo: Kenosis
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