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March 23, 2019


Mike Crowl

Great and helpful piece which a friend alerted me to via Twitter.

I'm not sure that being a wordsmith makes it easier to pray just because we may have more words at our disposal. In fact, even though I'm a word-focused person, as I've grown older (nearly 74) I've found it harder rather than easier to pray. And that's without any such trauma as you're suffering.

I've said more than once to people at my church that I'd really like to know someone was praying for me. When I was a teenager, an older woman I didn't even know used to pray for me regularly. I didn't find this out till later, when I was married. But I'm grateful still for her prayers.

I'm happy to add you to my list of people I need to pray for regularly, if you're happy for me to do so.

Kate Bowes

This is arresting, profoundly beautiful and rings so true. Thank you for entering the pool of words to give shape to it.

Bev smith

Thank you for voicing what so many feel. Praying for you from Canada.

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