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July 02, 2018


Hermina Janz

"Questions keep arising that need asking even if the answers are elusive. There are other minds to encounter in reading so that new thoughts, different ideas, the perspectives of others, the truth I need others to show me, the wisdom from faraway and unexpected places, these are sought and valued. Poetry and prayers, biography and history, sacred texts and novels, each creates for us an alternative way of looking at the world, and pushes us towards deeper ways of understanding and listening to ourselves."
I admire, and can identify with, your open mindedness to encountering other minds, new perspectives and truths, wisdom from unexpected places, alternative ways of looking at the world. You put it well. I find myself slightly explained by your words.
Do we read as a search for something? Perhaps for truth, or some insight into the nature of existence, and what may be beyond the visible, what may explain the visible. Who said that the Bible has been called the Word of God, and nature or the world around us has been called the original or first word of God? Maybe the collective work of the human mind wrestling with thoughts of reality and life and death and what lies behind it all, is another “word” or telling, of God. Because you’re right, I find myself making notes from the strangest of sources when reading: biography or fiction or poetry or science fiction or psychology or history, or even online articles (and blogs!), any reading experience can become a revelation.
And thanks for the poetry quotation. I will definitely be making a note to remember that one.

Jim Gordon

Thanks for all of this Hermina. Like many others, some of my best thinking is done on paper, or keyboard, and only once launched into words does thought become free to grow in directions I often had not planned. On the other hand writing is also a way of taking what we already think and road testing it, or seeing if it will fly, and if it does will it carry our weight. Trust life is good Hermina, albeit always with awareness of life's losses as well as gains, and either of these can be lifelong legacies of our love for our own and others. Shalom from a very sunny and even hot Aberdeen.

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