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January 03, 2018



Thank you for this blog, Jim - I regularly prune my 'blogroll' - and over the past 10 years, many bloggers have come and gone - but Living Wittily remains a favourite. But I never cease to find your posts thought-provoking, challenging, laugh-out-loud-funny...they have often helped me straighten out my muddled thinking, or encouraged me that maybe I am not that crazy after all! Best wishes for 2018

Jim Gordon

Thank you Angela - always glad to persuade people they are not crazy after all :) Facebook has replaced a lot of the shorter more occasional forays into social comment, and that can also be fun, thought provoking and occasionally takes a less helpful turn. Living Wittily remains the place where self expression and self discovery overlap in the disciplines of writing, reading and thinking. All good wishes for 2018 to you two too!

John Rackley

I echo what Angela has said in appreciation of your blog. In particular for the relationship between expression, discovery you highlight and I would go on to add the outcome in action and character. I began my blog as a way of self-expression after leaving behind a life of preaching in the context of the local church. I have not written a blog for awhile. This has been mostly to do with what life brings in on the tide but I have also to admit that I am struggling with what I have always found with the blog is the lack of a specific context. I do not know who is reading me. I do not know what purpose I might be serving as they do. Should I be my own context?
I suppose this need for the context of knowing who the reader is what has drawn many to the more immediate forms of social. I find little attraction in these sketchy alternatives. But I also only watch cricket when there is a test match and have no time for the short forms of the game. This tells me much about myself of course.

Zach Dawes, Jr.

Jim, as I'm sure you know, I am a regular visitor to and reader of your blog. I appreciate your thoughtful and thought-provoking reflections. I'm also grateful to share some of them with our readership at EthicsDaily.com. I look forward to continuing to read (and learn from) your insights.

Jason Goroncy

I love your blog, Jimbo. And the reasons you name for why it’s ‘worth the effort’ to keep going (I am speaking to myself here) are among the very reasons why reading [good] blogs is so much more satisfying than what one finds on the alternative you name. And then there are our beloved and absolutely irreplaceable books ...

BTW. I send these thoughts from Thailand, one of my other second homes. I must find a way, and/or paid excuse, to visit the one in the far north again too.



I'm glad you're keeping on keeping on, Mr Gordon. I do enjoy reading your posts and looking at your pics from time to time. It's good to know that it has value to your own journey (besides the numbers). I recognise, too, though, the investment of time and energy that goes into blogging (and regularly, and well, at that!). And I'm grateful for the sane little space here that you keep so nicely. Thank you!


Pastor Jim,
I read your blog! Your writing helps me understand life and faith. Often your topic draws me to a new place I would not have encountered on my own. I find myself standing on land somewhere in Scotland with you, or reading the words of a poet or mystic. I often think about what you have written and/or look up an author or topic you mention. Our backgrounds are so different, and yet you have the ability (with the grace of His Spirit) to help me stay grounded in Christ. I often read your blog and think yes, Amen. You reach more people than you know, since I have forwarded your blog posts to family and my Pastor.
Thank you for sharing with us and for helping us "to flourish".
Kathy in NJ, USA

Jim Gordon

Thank you to each of you for your comemnts and encouragement. Now and again an email or comment is like a wee hello confirming the worthwhileness of this writing space. May each of you discover the good roads that go to new places, the mountains with the best views and well worth the climb, and those corners and crossroads, paths and fences that make us think and choose and keep going and climb over our hesitations and fears about what matters most.

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