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July 08, 2017


Dave Summers

I'm assuming that "Micah the Prophet" was the dangerously liberal book you ordered, but your post could be read as if it was the antidote that the bookshop recommended. Which was it?
(I don't really care about labels - I'm just curious - but I wholeheartedly agree with your title and the importance of not censoring those who think differently.)

Jim Gordon

Thanks Dave. I can see what you mean so the post is edited to clarify. The book is not "dangerously liberal" - that was the perception of someone else who of course had never read either the book, or anything about the author. Hans Walter Wolff was a highly respected Christian scholar, deeply committed to the Church, and as able an expositor as he was an exegete. His love of the biblical text is everywhere apparent in his books.

Dave Summers

Thanks Jim. I understood that "dangerously liberal" was only the perception of the bookseller. Your appreciation of it was clear.

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