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March 09, 2017



If Maximus Pontiff = greatest bridge builder, then Jesus is my

Jim Gordon

Pontifex Maximus, the highest priest in Republican Rome, and therefore a quasi divine figure, leaves the pious Jews of Jesus' day in a quandary. To use this money is to handle that which declares Caesar one with divine authority. Jesus' words then become an implied refusal to concede God's authority to any other pretender, including Caesar. When Rome built bridges it was to conquer, or to administer conquered lands.
As to whether Jesus is the equivalent of Pontifex Maximus as used by the Romans, I think his exercise and view of power was its own contradiction of that. Mark 10.45 is his chosen route, and his rejection of the three temptations were each refusals to be seduced by the pomp and power which defined Rome and Empire.

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