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April 26, 2016



A very comprehensive explanation of the ECHR. What concerns me is that if I share it there will be those sincere people who are more worried about the expletive used at the end than the implications of the arguments.

Jim Gordon

Yes Angela - but there's something equally worrying that oversensitivity to an expletive can eclipse an issue as important as our support for the ECHR. Is the same moral sensitivity alive to the ethical consequences of the UK withdrawing its signature to such a fundamental document? I guess the film makers would reply that outrage and strong language express the justifiable anger of those who see the ECHR as a non negotiable collaboration on behalf of humanity. Sometimes being sincerely oversensitive gets in the way of an affirmative obedience to the truth. For myself, other people's use of expletives trouble me not ever since the days I worked in a brickwork as a teenager and heard a range of adjectives for every conceivable occasion :)

Dave Summers

Jim, I agree totally that oversensitivity to language can eclipse the bigger issues. As one of my church elders once said, both memorably and dismissively, in a similar debate, "when you've heard one 'F***' you've heard them all."
But I think the use of the word in this film is not about justifiable anger. It is the central character being beaten in the argument but refusing to admit it to himself: in effect saying "la la la la la I can't hear you". It is anger, but the opposite of justifiable.

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