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September 15, 2014


Colin Strong

A very good piece. However, I would not want to deny anybody their celebration, but my concern is that it will not be measured, and will not take what you have said into account. I'll not be celebrating either way. Voting no has in effect become a vote for Devo max, which I believe will be seriously detrimental to the future of Scotland. I'll be voting no for damage limitation.

Jason Goroncy

Timely wisdom, Jim.

Bob MacDonald

I was in Quebec when the front de libération de québec was active and when our PM invoked the War Measures Act to control the bombings, one of which exploded in the mailbox outside my apartment. I was in the west of Canada when my own Quebec birth was on the verge of being denied in 1995. A French colleague from Quebec said he did not want to be a minority in his own country. Being an English québecois I did not understand though I knew the isolation that my family practiced in their rapidly diminishing local English enclave.

None of this seems to apply in Scotland. As you know, we toured Scotland last year searching out the ancestry of our fourth child (adopted first nations) from the Orkney Islands all the way back to 1798. It was a great joy to be there in the country of my ancestors - clan MacDonald. But I am not a nationalist. I would vote noo if I had a vote.

My daughter's choir from Selwyn has sung in all the parts of the Islands, Scotland, Ireland, and England of course. So I hope you all continue to sing together.

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