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August 05, 2013


Andy Goodliff

Alongside Hauerwas' Matthew, I have Genesis, Deuteronomy, 1 & 2 Kings, Ezra & Nehemiah, Ezekiel, Pastoral Epistles, 1 &2 Peter and Revelation ... used 1 & 2 Peter by Doug Harink a fair bit and found it helpful ... not used others as much yet ... would like to get Dan Trier on Proverbs (read some via google books) and I will definitely be getting a copy of Sam Wells on Esther ... future volumes see John Webster on Ephesians, Wannenwetsch and Brock on 1 Corinthians ...

Jim Gordon

Hi Andy - I think this is one series where I would choose according to author rather than the bible book! Like you I have some cherry picks - Matthew Levering on Ezra Nehemiah, not my favourite books but Levering is a superb theologian - what will an authority on Trinitarian theology have to say about two books redolent with history told as apologetic?, oh yes and John Webster on Ephesians as soon as possible please, Kevin Vanhoozer on Jeremiah, David Hart on Hebrews - anyone who can write a book like The Beauty of the Infinite should make a good job of Hebrews, George Hunsinger a Barthian on Philippians. Thanks for your thoughts, Jim

Andy Goodliff

I'm interested too in the Belief Commentary Series http://belief.wjkbooks.com/ ... I have Stephen Long on Hebrews which has some good stuff, and google booked Placher on Mark ... and have forthcoming David Ford on John, Charles Campbell on 1 Cor, amongst others ... both series, along with Smyth and Helwys one, are becoming my series' of choice ... just got Fretheim on Jeremiah and hope one day to get Balentine on Job ...

Jim Gordon

Yes I like the Belief commentary format and approach. I just finished Harvey Cox on Lamentations - it is a deeply moving exploration of tragedy, exile, war and the other dark places of human experience. Placher on mark is beautifully written. As for Smyth and Helwys, apart from the mortgage required to buy them, you are right to covet Balentine on Job. I know no commentary quite like it as an honest wrestling with a text that sounds the depths of human experience. I also think some of the S&H commentaries are less successful - but Fretheim and Brueggemann are actually worth a mortgage, just about!

Graeme Clark

In addition to some others mentioned have Jaroslav Pelikan on Acts. Lets just say I prefer his five volumes on the history of the development of dogma and that this might be one to miss,

Jim Gordon

Agreed Graeme. Pelikan made an error of judgement not even his erudition could correct. I think this was done after he had completed the mammoth set on the Creeds - and that pattern of thought applied to Acts simply uses the text as coat hangers for other thoughts.

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