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January 14, 2013



Jim. Thanks for a great post :-))It resonates with me for many similar reasons as your own. On Being a Christian was also the first book of Kung's I ever read. I was in my twenties and as a Catholic it made me a huge impact on me at a time when the "pat" answers being provided by much of the regular diet of Catholic writers were paradoxically eating away at my faith. Kung enlivened my faith and helped me through a difficult patch.Like you say so well, he taught me to keep my eyes open and maybe my heart too !
I think he was damaged and deeply hurt by the shenanigans of envious people and/or those too afraid to take on the risks required to make changes in he church those in the hierarchy who wanted to hold on to their position and maintain the status quo at any cost.
Kung's more recent writings don't always carry the same force for me as his earlier work, and I have never agreed with all he says but I keep a deep affection for him and owe him an immense sense of gratitude. You have given sound and powerful reasons why we need people like him in the church more than ever. I mourned the loss of Cardinal Martini and will miss Kung in his retirement but I think he has one more volume of his autobiography memoirs to complete so not all has been said yet ! Blessings

gabriel sorzano

Every person must have hope, because Christ told us, but for the Church even with Hans Kung trying there is very little hope.

Because they like as it is, the priests love being a priestly class and they dont want to give it up, that is the main reason of not changing, even John XXIII had a touch of that virus and the obedient ones are hipnotized because they prefer to follow. The others don't know what to do.

It is pretty much like what Christ found, but the gates of hell are not particularly for the Catholic as they believe but for any church that is Christian. the difficult times are going to be difficult.

We have to accept the power that Christ left us and use it, He said:" you will do bigger things than I".

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