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November 20, 2012


Chris E W Green


We've never met, and never even had a proper conversation of any kind, but I need to let you know that your reflections here are means of grace for me, a point of contact with the goodness and wisdom of God. Every few days, I venture back to read your thoughts and I more or less always come away that-much-readier to believe that God is as good as I sometimes know him to be.

Jim Gordon

Hello Chris and thank you for your encouraging words. My confession is that writing the blog often has the same effect on me!
Sometimes theology is the attempt to say what is ultimately un-sayable. By the love and grace of God we are compelled to pray and praise, ask and attempt to answer, seek to describe the ineffable while knowing the limits of our reach. So most times words fail but just have to suffice - and now and then they give way to silence before mystery, allowing wonder to become worship, and adoration to transcend the limits of our thought.
And then we are back to words because the Word became flesh and is at home amongst us - and through our inadequate words we bear witness to the Word, full of grace and truth. Like you Chris, I find the words of others means of grace, the common currency of the communion of saints.

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  • Paul Nimmo: Kenosis
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