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May 24, 2012


Mark Jennings, Pershore

Read and received with God's grace and much gratitude. Thank you so much for your most timely post. Truly inspiring and deeply humbling. Glad to identify with and be exploring this kind of spirituality with God's people locally gathered.

Chris E W Green

Thanks for this: I suspect it will resonate with many non-Baptists (I'm a Pentecostal) as well! One quibble: Could it not say that what happened at the Council mattered no more than how it happened?

Jim Gordon

Thanks Mark and Chris. I've edited the quibbled sentence Chris, you're right.

Beth Bilynskyj

"A communal Baptist spirituality
embodies the crucial disctinctives of our tradition,
it's radical roots in a gathered community,"

This kind of Baptist experience is worlds different from what I knew as Southern Baptist in America. Our church split in the 70's over the question whether the Holy Spirit still actively gifted people; and there was an intense commitment to individual liberty ("me and Jesus") that far outshown any sense of "gathered community."

Unfortunately, in order to seek the Mind of Christ, it was necessary for me to no longer identify as Baptist.

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