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March 05, 2012


andrew gordon

I agree that money & the antichrist are the same. I do believe that we are collectively moving towards a police state/ marshal law/ Orson wells scenario by subtle law changes and downright malicious government orchestrated false flag events.

I remember rodney king saying "why cant we all just get along?"

Greed and manipulation over integrity is my problem with that utopian query.

Richard Matcham

Well, if it takes a grumpy theologian to write that piercing insight, then we need more of them; and thank you for posting, what a joy to find your blog.


I would hardly say it was a dated piece - rather, the same logic of spiritual mummification has taken on a renewed intensity. From every angle we are socialised to believe that a state of permanent anxiety about the future (near and far) is not only unavoidable, but natural and desirable.
The question though is, to what degree have Christians allowed themselves to be swallowed up in this life-in-death that Balthasar describes. Or ,more specifically, how much have I? Even without a pension, mortgage, or any savings to speak of, I do not live with the reckless compassion you mentioned. Why?

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