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June 03, 2011



I didn't see the Panorama programme, but of course have read the news coverage. Thank you for this profound reflection on the possible causes of this kind of inhumane lack of caring. Having worked in my youth in care homes for short periods, I know that most carers do truly care about those thy serve. But not all....


I assume what was shown (haven't seen the programme, merely read about it) is common. It will turn out to be a matter of differences of degree, rather than of kind.
The vulnerable are always targets of abuse in all its unlovely varieties and in varying degrees. IME, the Church has done scandalously little to counteract this. Archbishop Rowan getting up on his hind legs to tell everybody he's against sin isn't going to have any effect whatsoever (except cause endless debate among related 'worthies' who can then go back to their comfortable homes with a glow of self-satisfaction at having had their say).

Jim Gordon

Hello Minnie - thanks for your comment. I don't personally think the vulnerable are always targets for abuse. I know many, many compassionate, self-giving people who care, who protect and who seek to enable and empower the vulnerable. The post is about what happens when things go wrong - not suggesting nothing is ever right. As for Archbishop Rowan - as a non Anglican I see him as a much more substantial figure - he is a man of great integrity, intelligence and spirituality - three qualities that are in rather short supply - and essential if the church is to rediscover its prophetic voice.

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