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September 07, 2010



Priceless! Glad it's sorted... so, would you rather me a door keeper for one night here than a thousand elsewhere....?!

Ruth Gouldbourne

Jim, thank you for making me laugh. A much welcomed start to the morning!
Are you OK, and I really hope there are no sore strains, or bruised shoulders this morning


I hope you are OK, but I do wish I'd been there to see it ;-)
If you can come out with words like "corpuscnesium" then I'd love to have heard your neologisms and alternative linguistic appellations for doors


oh Jim...this description has ushered in memories of your tap-flooding experiences. Or of your verbal repartee with Glesga cafe waitresses. Or with wummin on the train reading "Heat"...

You've got to write another book ...but not on theology - on Life As Jim!

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  • Zahrnt: the question of god
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