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August 29, 2010


Ian K. Gray

My experience, Jim, is that most credit cards are self-emptying. What would be helpful is a self-filling one!


I keep giving this book away too - too good to be kept to oneself....

Julie Aylward

I read this blog this morning and thought - I wish I could here this address. I have just opened my post and discovered I will hear at as I am at the gathering where you are speaking - Excellent, I look forward to engaging with your ideas.

John M

Take a look at the NASA photos at the following links.
Then this one, and the accompanying video.

Then, the little book edited by John Polkinghorne, The Work of Love: Creation as Kenosis [2001].

Thomas Jay Ord, professor at Northwest Nazarene University, has written a helpful review of the book and is available below.

Is it possible that God is Kenosis for all eternity, and that the Incarnation, Life, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus and then the gift of the Spirit are merely revelations of what has been going on all along?


ps. Sorry to dump a bunch of stuff here, but just this week, for reasons to long to explain, I have been taken back to consideration of Kenosis, partly in fact by the 4th NASA photo above which was posted by msnbc.com to its news page.

Jim Gordon

Hello John. Thank you so much for your comment and for the astonishing images attached. I know the Polkinghorne book, which is effectively an apppreciative review of vanstone's book. Have you read it, Love's Endeavour, Love's Expense?

As to your question, the only qualification I'd make is to remove the word 'merely'. The Triune God freely and out of a love eternally, essentially and relationally kenotic, reveals that Love finally and fully in Jesus. I think Ephesians and Colossians are amongst the most persuasive NT texts which take seriously the cosmic scale of kenosis. So the images you point to are on a scale and beauty that begins to hint at the paradox of the person of Jesus Christ, revealing Almighty love in kenotic surrender, for the purposes of peace, reconciliation and the renewal of all creation.

John M

Thank you for your kind comments. No, I have not read Vanstone, but it is now on order. After reading your comments, I looked again at Work of Love and noted that in fact Polkinghorne names Vanstone as their pt of departure.

I am at the early stages on all this, but it is clear the image of God which I have had for decades will no longer serve. I have long been an admirer of J.B. Phillips Your God Is Too Small. Now I realize that the god I had in mind was very small indeed.

Not just because I had not seriously considered how big the cosmos is nor imagined God creating these stupendous galaxies, but because of the still greater paradox, nice term that, of the loving kenosis involved - demonstrated both by these huge beautiful galaxies and by Jesus.

Please plan to post your keynote address here on your blog, for those of us who cannot attend the conference. Thank you for this comment, which could not have been timed more perfectly, given the reading I am currently doing. God bless.

Rob Trickey

Having recently re-read 'Love's Endeavour ...' I was reminded of a conversation we had at the conference referred to above, as to whether your text would be available. At the time, I think you intimated that it might be published somewhere in due course. Did this happen? If not, would it be possible to have a copy? I don't remember too much about it - but do remember that it was very good!!

Steven Fields


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