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March 07, 2010


Ruth Gouldbourne

Jim, I love the picture - what is it?

Jim Gordon

Sorry Ruth, can't help. I found it floating on a blog after doing a Google search on "Jesus and Mary". The blog was dismissive of it as "stereotypical", which I kind of harrumphed at! I guess when it comes to art, portrayals of Jesus, particularly Jesus' ways of treating women, I expect interpretation to show some imagination, an attentiveness to human form, some understanding of the symbolic and aesthetic impact of the sheer scandal that Jesus let women near him. Stereotypical!. Sometimes those who are anti-stereotype are stereotypically critical and standoffish!!
Like you I think the picture is a glorious take on one of the most problematic incidents in the Gospels. Much better than most of the commentaries:)

Craig Gardiner

Just finished Sara Maitaland's book on Silence ... have you read it? ... loved it and hated it all at the same time but so very glad to have read it.

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