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March 27, 2010



We do undertsand; we do comment using banal nonsense sometimes, we are even mischievous sometimes, but we will alwya repsect you and your blog. Lots of folk moderate comments so don't feel bad (I'm just too stingy to pay for a blog that does so!)

Btw, that dongle is clearly not as good at spelling as your good self! ;-)

Jim Gordon

Oh but present company excluded, Catriona. Your banal and michievous stuff is well OK - it's the spam, robot and other nonsense that is the problem. And yes, the spelling hasn't always been up to my yoosual compitense, but I have been fruztraited by this dongle thing ;)I am however going to revise the offending post, just to shoe I can spel



Glad the move has gone well!


I've just had to implement moderation after a troll attack - maybe it's the season! I'd say my comments from one character had become malicious and personal, rather than merely mischievous. Not good. :-(

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