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February 28, 2010


ang almond

Oh absolutely!
[and blessings on your head for spelling 'minuscule' correctly]


Jim - What we need is a government who are not beholden to the rich and thus will establish an equitable tax system, thus freeing up money to invest in areas such as sport and the arts.(i.e. close the loop holes which enables the rich to avoid paying the full amount of tax). Both these sectors have become too reliant upon lottery money, too much of which is being diverted to the London Olympics.

If the UK government taxed foreign footballers as residents and not as non-doms then this would both increase revenue to the treasury and create a more level playing field with regards to tax across Europe (see AccountancyAge, 29 July 2004 for details). It may even have the result that clubs would opt for home grown talent rather than importing talent.

While your statement about snowboarders applies to most of these sports people it most certainly does not apply to Shaun White - £5.8 million is small change to him!

Jim Gordon

Yes to all points Brodie. One rich sportsman doesn't make me repent of my sweeping statements though! But my major issue isn't the money - it's the definition of success, the implied dismissiveness of real achievement, and the devaluing of genuine effort, skill and willing participation. And all this from people paid to talk - just wish they would find other ways of talking than talking down.

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