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February 08, 2010


Bob MacDonald

The whole thing fits well with Proverbs 8 which we read from my rapidly produced translation last week - wisdom at play. I wrote up my blogs this past weekend and I have included your phrase with the brief on your blog. Thanks for all the input.

Hermina Janz

I would like to encourage you to continue your blog, mostly for selfish reasons. I can't remember the google search topic I typed in some time last year, which originally led me to your blog, but I have greatly benefited from checking your site daily. Last week I forwarded your "Though I may stumble..." entry to several friends, for just one example. So much appreciated.
You have mentioned many authors I enjoy reading, and have led me to many new ones (new for me).
In the tangle of my mind, your blog has helped to shine clarity and encouragement, to work at developing this "life of the mind". I also do need to work harder at rooting this in lived out service, I admit.
I like your expression "economics of the Kingdom". A good way to re-focus daily.
I'll be back tomorrow!
Hermina, aka poetreehugger

Jim Gordon

Thanks for the encouragement Hermina and Bob. Blogging started as an experiment for me, and has become an important way of thinking in a shared conversation with people like yourselves. Grace and peace to both of you.

T. Imhoof

What is Bolt's source for this quote, or did Bolt construct it from several sources?

Jim Gordon

Please see the latest post where I mention Robert Bolt and his play A Man for All Seasons - which is where the epigraph comes from. So far as I know this is a fictional construction of the kind of thing MOre might have said!

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  • Paul Nimmo: Kenosis
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