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October 30, 2009



On the latter... I found it very funny, very annoying, very welcoming and probably a glimpse of divine humour... it's still my least favourite song but in a perverse kind of a way its present was somehow affirming. Of course I'm not 100% convinced you didn't pre-arrange it... :-))

Jim Gordon

Only to the extent that the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. And God answered my prayer - the look on your face Catriona....


Hmm, so that's how righteousness is defined up here!!! ;-)


Days of Elijah is one of my least favourite songs too but it brought a smile to my face because Helen was having to sign it :-) Imagine fingerspelling all those names and trying to keep the tempo! Glad it wasn't me ...

Jim Gordon

Hi Tony. I thought the signers at the Assembly were superb. To be congratulated for the mixture of practised skill and personal dedication it involves - tell Helen so. And then there was the challenge of signing for Benjamin Francis.... :))


Just found out that song was Robin Mark! I was surprised. Not a huge fan.
And was so surprised that Andy did it; I so did not imagine it at Assembly.

So you can imagine my HUMUNGOUS disbelief when choral singer / worship leader (and son of N Wright) did that song today at an early morning service.

The song is obviously stalking me as well as Catriona!


The names are a pain, but it's worse because I don't actually understand what it's on about - slight technical hitch if you're attempting to interpret something....
As for 'behold he comes, riding on the clouds...' well that's just plain silly if you sign it literally. I mean, does God sit astride them like a horse, or with a foot on each of 2 clouds or what???? I have to admit I change it to 'he comes in glory' which at least doesn't look stupid (and you don't have to know any sign to imagine how silly either of the above look...)
The song that cracks me and Tony up is "all who are thirsty" - the phrase "dip your hearts in the stream of life" gives particularly bizarre images to someone who is a medic and who does sign language ;-)

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