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July 21, 2009



Thank you for your profound response.


Alternatively my favourite one word prayers might be
particularly wow

Rosemary Hannah

Well yes, I trusted to you to pick up on my reference. As a friend remarks, half the fun is lost otherwise.

Personally, I find Wesley appealing, and Milton not. And Milton was the real radical - the worst of the charges against Wesley must be that he was not actually radical enough. But he is immensely appealing in his vulnerability. However, our age dreads the inability to be useful, to work, and having to depend on others. And we need to learn to love it. Abba Pambo, dying, said (something like) 'Since I became a monk I have not eaten bread which was not the fruit of my hands, and not spoken one word of which I have needed to repent. I go to my Lord as one who has not even made a start to serve him.'

I think I would pray: Teach me to listen.

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