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July 26, 2009


Richard L. Floyd

A lovely story in itself, but your applying kenosis as an interpretation is quite clever. The young woman server's action is kenotic in that she denies something of hers (speech) for a greater good. I have written about the kenotic Christology of P.T.Forsyth. In his seminal Work of Christ he gives several humble examples of kenotic behavior. Your story adds another. Thank you.

Graeme Clark

Following on from your wonderful story on kenosis, Christine and I went on a 'self-filling' visit to Laura's Tea Room today and after two wonderful main courses Christine enjoyed heated apple and toffee cake with ice-cream while I had a large portion of plain sponge with butter icing.

The setting, the service and the scrumptious food were everything you said and more. Is there such a thing as 'akenosis'?

Stephen Birdsell

I am wondering how the Kenosis of Christ would apply if the deaf folks were homosexuals. Would Jesus demand that they get out, or would He serve their needs as any other child of God.

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