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January 28, 2009



Wonderful! I shall never forget teaching this poem to a class of 16 year old boys - their reaction was unexpectedly emotional and the sensitive critical essays which emerged from the experience were a joy. Previously I hadn't dared do it in school because the poem was too special for me.

Jim Gordon

Chris - your experience of teaching young adults confirms my own experience of significant events and insights of human life being deeply conveyed by poetry - where any amount of 'talking at' has no lasting impact. Young adults have an emotional and spiritual responsiveness to deep stuff that's sometimes obscured or even denied by the assumption of others that they don't. Poetry in its more oblique approach manages to fly under the radar of their scepticism - and when it does it opens up important insights that come from that time in human life when everything is new, possible, risky and to be experienced.

The poem itself carries immense power, and a profound theological twist

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