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December 23, 2008


Jason Goroncy

Thanks for this ... but 'Curators'? C'mon Jim. This poem alone does more than 'curate'.

Advent blessings my friend.

Jim Gordon

Hello Jason. Your wee nudge has made me think it could be fun to do theologically open Fibs! Suppose the last line you pick up on has a blank left for a three syllable word or phrase. Then you could choose from suggested alternatives according to theological preference:

good stewards
co-artists (which now I think of it, I like)

Even more fun if others join in - but only suggested changes to the one word......

Jason, hope Advent in New Zealand is a wonderful time of blessing and friend-making in your new place. I'm glad distance is irrelevant to blogging pals.


Jason Goroncy

'co-artists' ... much better :-)

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