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December 22, 2008



These are brill! Must have a bash - but equally, must resist the temptation right now and turn into a domestic goddess.


I love the idea of bible fibs (!) and I really like the ones you've done here though I hope you don't mind me pointing out there are a few not quite right syllable counts: Sarah is two syllables (according to my accent anyhow!) and there are only 12 syllables in the last line of your first fib.

I gave it a go:

builds a boat,
a floating zoo. Home
for forty days and nights for those
whose eyes first glimpsed the rainbow’s festival arc of light.

Jim Gordon

Hello again Chris. Look forward to your Fib.

Hello Sorlil and welcome to living wittily and to the Fib Fest.
I confess to the first miscount ( can't asdd to 1!!!) - so if "Sarah" is exchanged for "she" it would work.

But I count the last line as 13 syllables as follows
1 2 3 / 4 5 6 /7 8 9 10 11 / 12 13
with straight faces; a cruel joke, or God’s promise. Which?

Or would you only count "faces" or "cruel" as one?

Anyway thanks for your own contribution - and for the stuff you do on your own blog which I visit regularly.


Ahh yes, I can see 'cruel' ought to be two syllables but in my accent it is one, lol!


The God of Small Things....

A miracle:

Two fish,
One boy gave.
Jesus blessed: crowds fed,
Twelve basketsful of leftovers!
Divine decadence comes from small things freely given.

A parable:

Seed -
Yet, when grown,
Shelters garden birds.
The Kingdom of God is like this:
Divine grace transforms commonplace insignificance.

Jim Gordon

Good ones Catriona. Now go and get the final Christmas cards wrote!

Graeme Clark

the lost son

daily grind.
Inheritance goes,
in debased, decadent living,
life’s a pig, all is spent; return to Father’s embrace.

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