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November 17, 2008


Endlessly Restless

What a fascinating insight! Looking closer I'm drawn to Jesus pointing hand - it seems to be begging a question rather than issuing an instruction (I think?. Andrew's hand and eyes seem to be giving contradictory information - to follow the head or the heart?

andy jones

Maybe the choice for Peter continued throughout his life into old age - as it does for all of us: whether to follow into the unknown future beyond the frame, and what to retain or hold back - what to do with the skills and means of production that lie within our grasp?

Good art always poses the questions rather than answering them, doesn't it?

Jim Gordon

Thanks for these first two comments - I'm interested in more observations from others. Be interesting to go back to the text and re-read it in the light of OUR perceptions and insights based on CARAVAGGIO'S painting. An important exercise in alternative perspectives, and without making any of them definitive. Other comments please?


Endlessly Restless - If the hand of Jesus was pointing up the way then it would be clear that his fingers are making the traditions sign of the trinity. That his hand appears to be pointing does not change the "meaning" of his hand shape.

Jim - Light appears to be coming from two directions. That is the face of Jesus and the robe on Peter are lit from the left, but yes there is a light off canvas to the lower right as well. As a former youth pastor the ages of the disciples is something I've thought about (it's the kind of thing we youth pastors like to think about). I concluded that there's reasonable evidence to suggest most, if not all the disciples were what we would class today as teens.


Endlessly Restless - I think I might change me mind on what I just said as in the sign of the trinity there would be two fingers and thumb pointing and in the above painting there is only one finger pointing.

angela almond

Thank you SO much for this post.
One day I shall manage to get to Scotland to see it for myself I hope!

new balance

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today .

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