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October 30, 2008


andy goodliff

I'd be really interested to hear more about the papers, especially sandra sach who was until his death, one of colin gunton's final students.

Jim Gordon

Hi Andy

The paper by Sandra Sach was clear, prceise and persuasive. She argued that the Torrance emphasis (Thomas and James)on the importance of dogmatics undergirded by Doxology is an essential key to understanding the Torrance take on theology. Such a link enables a view of Christian life as a response to the Triune God of love expressed through worship as thanksgiving. A strong emphasis on Christ's humanity, and of Christ offering his humanity in obedient worship and sacrifice to God provides both the pattern and the context of that divine grace that becomes the pattern of the believer's life. In the offering of life in thanksgiving, the twin aspects of the Incarnation, the humiliation and exaltation of Christ, are thus mirrored in the life of the Christian incorporated into Christ, 'Christ in us as we are found in Him'. Life is therefore a continual offering of obedience and thanksgiving, offered in Christ, to the God revealed in Christ incarnate, and through the Spirit.

At least, Andy, that was what I made of Sandra's paper - and I was grateful for an entire day, not least through this paper, given over to considering what God has done, is doing and will do, in redemptive grace - rather than the too frequent programmatic 'how to' approaches of many a conference on church, which so easily slide into pelagian self-help inspirationals. I don't mean to dismiss the latter kind of conference - just to welcome the proper emphasis of the former kind!

The papers will be published in a special issue of Theology in Scotland in 2009.

Jason Goroncy


Yes it was great to finally meet. You're shorter and much more 'witty' than I had imagined. I'm glad the time stuck on the M8 was worth it.


I was stuck on the M8 in the opposite direction Jim - off to a Christology lecture in the dear green place!


Jim & Lynn - There is a train!

Jim Gordon

Och Brodie - ah ken there's a train. Bit there wiz three o'us, and wan hud tae take the caur onyway. So we thocht we micht juist aw pile intae the wan caur. Driver of said car has since been converted to trains!!!!


Brodie - children, school club, 9am lecture, train station and bus station = does not compute :-)

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