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October 04, 2008



Faith in politics - a really interesting and challenging read.

Mike Coumans

A fascinating essay.

Its interesting to note that Bonhoeffer had accepted an invitation to lecture in the States in the 1930s and it would have been easy for him to remain there long-term. However, despite being fully aware of the dangers, his concience forced him to return to Germany to be a thorn in the side of Hitler and his Nazi party.

Pope John-Paul II is also mentioned in the essay. Again an aside, his predecessor, John-Paul, was in the process of making sweeping reforms when he died suddenly after 33 days in office.

Some people pay a very high price for actively living out their faith...

Jim Gordon

Hello Mike. Somebody once said when in doubt about alternative directions in life, especially in seeking vocational guidance, choose the road on which falls the shadow of the cross. While agreeing with the sentiment, that is a hard counsel to follow. Sometimes the choices we make have an inner compulsion that's hard to rationalise - they are decisions made out of an inward sense of call that evades rational capture. But sometimes, as with Bonhoeffer, the signs are all too clear, and the choice is made, knowing the likely consequences, and with a clarity of purpose that is itself a grace enabled gift.

By the way, I assume you recognise the Van Gogh on the recent post - I still have the copy presented to me in 1994 - when you were young, and I wasn't so old! Blessings.

Mike Coumans

Thanks Jim, and yes I did recognise the Van Gogh. But I'm writing again to add another, sad, note. People being persecuted for their beliefs. On the news tonight Christians in India fleeing for their lives. A very in-your-face reminder that people die evry day for their beliefs...


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