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August 08, 2008


Mark Steinhardt

Two typos. Please check the original of the poem. However, good to see this fine poem spread around. No, awe and worship are not even vaguely similar. Awe is an extreme of amazement, of wonder, not reverence or adoration or of appeal. Mark S

Jim Gordon

Thanks Mark, well spotted and duly corrected, and thank you too for taking time to respond. I'm not sure I would eliminate awe from worship - my closing comment on the post had in mind such encounters as Exodus 3, Psalm 8, the epiphany at the end of Job, the Transfiguration, Revelation 1 and the many other occasions in the Judaeo-Christian tradition where an extreme amazement of wonder precisely leads to worship, and in some cases prostration in adoration. A long line of biblical interpretation understands such encounters as Moses, Job, Isaiah, disciples in the Gospels and John in the Apocalypse, responding to those encounters at the deepest levels of human being. The great Jewish Rabbi, Abraham Joshua Heschel defined faith as what we do with radical amazement.

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