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May 28, 2008


andy goodliff

The Rhythm of Doctrine by John Colwell (135pp) - fantastic short systematic theology shaped round the church's liturgical year.


Hmm. Now on the the look-out for a thin Bible.


Why only theology? Jekyll and Hyde, by Stevenson is only 60 pages long, is a profound exploration of the nature of evil (and a meditation on Romans 7), is a myth (known in every playground)which has given us a way of describing the divisions in ourselves, but is in no way like the 'monster' films it has spawned. and it's Scottish.


Surely 'The Sacred Diaries of Adrian Plass' (128pp) would have to be considered, a wonderful, satirical view on church life. Have we not all chuckled at it?

gavin hunter

Best 'thin book' I've read recently was Dissident Discipleship By David Augsburger- A must read recommended for all Christians. I was recommended this book by another student and it did not disappoint.

Graeme Clark

Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (96 small pages) is one thin book which is fat with meaning and impact. Changed my life!

Here is a passionate call to Christian community where community finds its origin and existence in Christ and not as a challenge or an ideal to be worked towards. A wonderful book that saves us from the joyless oppression of having to . . . .

The Manse Cat

Oh boy Short books - I revel in them!

Of the short books I have read these are just a few suggestions:

'The Homiletical Plot: The Sermon as Narrative Art Form' by Eugene L Lowry 138 pages of brilliant writing

As long as you don't count the four pages of notes 'As One Without Authority' by Fred Craddock - Is a must for any aspiring preachers

Again if you discount the 17 pages that make up the notes and bibliography 'Preaching as Local Theology and Folk Art' by Leonora Tubbs Tisdale is a great read.

Here is a controversial one for you 'Pelagius A Reluctant Heretic' By B R Rees 144 pages plus some notes and a bibliography

Perhaps 'Postmodernity: Christianity in a Fragmented Age' 113 pages plus some notes would be on safer ground

As would 'Richard Baxter' by Geoffrey F Nuttall 131 pages plus some notes and a Apendicies

'The Pratice of the Presence of God: Being Conversations & letters of Brother Lawrence' is only 65 pages! and is not even a full ize book in fact it is pocket sized!

Then of course there is 'In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership by Henri J Nouwen - Not only is this a short book with only 81 pages but it also has very large print as well!

Of course I could also add 'The Way of the heart'(86 pages) and 'The Wounded Healer' (100 pages) to the list but as they reamin on my bookshelf with a tag saying waiting to be read.

Perhaps these are enough to be going on with - but as you can guess I too applaud the thin book!

The Manse Cat

Although I realise that this is not a competition to find the shortest book while I was researching an essay I came across 'The Circle and the Ellipse: Rival Concepts of Authority in the Early Church' by Henry Chadwick. It was published by Oxford University Press in 1959 and is only 17 pages long. Now that is what I call a short book!

Jason Goroncy


There's a few that immediately jump to mind:

Karl Barth, 'God Here and Now' (108 pages)
Gerhard O. Forde, 'On Being a Theologian of the Cross' (121 pages)
PT Forsyth, 'The Soul of Prayer' (92 pages)
PT Forsyth, 'The Church, the Gospel and Society' (127 pages)
PT Forsyth, 'This Life and the Next' (87 pages)
Helmut Thielicke, 'A Little Exercise for Young Theologians' (41 pages)
Thomas F. Torrance, 'The Mediation of Christ' (126 pages)
John Webster, 'Holiness' (116 pages)

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