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April 18, 2008


Steve H

Hey Jim,

For all their faults, and there are many, the Puritans remain my standard for theologically informed pastoral ministry and for pastorally sensitive theology. More and more I realise that what I want is to be able to inhabit two worlds, to speak in doctoral seminars with the wisdom, experience, and urgency of the most faithful local pastor, and to pastor and preach with the insight and settled convictions of the best scholastic theologian; Owen, Sibbes, and the rest did that (as did Augustine, to return to an earlier conversation...).

So--go for it!


Adrian Salupo

I have also, recently developed an interest in Scottish Church history of the 19th century, only because of the biblical translation work of Robert Young (1822-88). I have been seeking biographical information concerning this giant of biblical translation and scholarship, but can find few entries in my American sources. Can anyone help?

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