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January 07, 2008



Happy New Year Jim! Lots to think about here. One wee question - are the arguments presented true for Scottish evangelicalism? Is there a difference between the development of Scottish and English evangelicalism given our Presbyterian etc roots? Margaret

Jim Gordon

And a happy New Year tae yersel, Margaret. I'm quite sure that the overall findings of Warner's study are significantly applicable to the Scottish scene, perhaps with a number of qualifications. But Spring Harvest, disseminated and branded worship songs, Alpha as an evangelistic brand name franchise, Evangelical Alliance as a focal pressure group seeking political influence, are features that have also impacted on Scottish Evangelicalism seeking to reinvent itself and adapt to post Christian realities.

And the underlying primary thesis that Evangelicalism has branched into two major expressions of biblicist doctrinally conservative versus conversionist and activist,with several other emerging strands pushing towards further differentiation - a case can be made that Scottish Evangelicalism reflects something of this process. The parallels are not exact, but the underlying pressures and shifts suggest Warner's analysis has sufficient cogency for us to listen with some care to his critique, and where the cap fits........... But I will be doing several more posts and when Ill finsish with a fuller answer to your question.


Great, thanks Jim. Will look forward to more posts.

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