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December 08, 2007



Well, here's a quick stab at 2 Timothy

Stick at it young Tim!
Pleasing God should be your aim.
P.S. bring my coat!


Jude? In cliches I'm afraid

Beware false teachers!
Love the sinner, hate the sin.
God will keep you safe

andy jones

Two alternatives, then I must get on with Christmas.

Jude (extra-canonical)

Rather than be pure,
some insult angels! Don't fall!
Show love and mercy.

and 2 Corinthians (a slightly less grumpy haiku after Paul had thought better of it and screwed the first draft up)

Don't give me grief! I
am an apostle; that's why
I wish you God's grace.

Gordon Jones


Pick leaders with care:
prize sound doctrine AND lifestyle.

Gordon Jones

2 John

Thirteen verses long:
Lady and kids, walk in love.
Beware docetism!

Jim Gordon

Hello Gordon - thanks for the haiku NT books - I'll compile the up to date list before Christmas and complete it if no other contributors do. People's time clocks obviously work differently - you contribute at 1.am and I reply at 6.20.am!

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