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December 09, 2007


Ron H

My car insurance permits me to drive any other car with the permission of the owner. So I can borrow your car without any added expense! The problem with multiple drivers is the no claims bonus, two drivers doubles the risk etc. Why don't you buy your daughter a car for Christmas? That'll solve all your problems in one go...

Jim Gordon

Thank you for your constructive and prohibitively expensive suggestion RH! I don't have a problem to solve, but a daughter to indulge - which is what dad's are for, or so I am told!She's worth every mile I have to walk in the rain, every train I have to wait for. Commitment to worthile things is about handling the inconvenience it inevitably costs - this is a lesson i am still learning!

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  • Paul Nimmo: Kenosis
  • Zahrnt: the question of god
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