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November 10, 2007


andy goodliff


I would try and keep them all. they are a testimony to your ministry and to God. I think an old sermon can be recycled, but perhaps never completely from scratch. I would buy a book of Jim Gordon's sermons


Making them into a book gets my vote.


Jim - there is clearly a difference between using an old sermon as a starting point for a new preach, reading a collection of sermons in a book and simply using an old sermon again without any editing.
As my uncle who was a pastor used to say "when you re-heat beans they always stick to the pot and burn". This is the danger if we just reused a sermon without any thought about what has changed since we last used it.


I agree with Margaret - make them into a book. Then you can flip through them and see if God moves you to use them as a starting point for a new message.

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