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November 26, 2007



can I have a copy of this Scottish NT please, it has one more book than the English one! (I just checked, my Bibles only have 27 NT books) Maybe this would explain my heresies?

(Either that or you're checking to see who is sad enough to comment on this)

Jim Gordon

Oh Jings! Whit a numpty! Juist coonted them up ma'sel and whit a scunner, richt enough, 27. So then 27x17 = 469. Don't tell Sean ah cannae even add up hoo many books are in the NT. Ah'm humble enough as it is!
Thanks Catriona, just for that why don't you do the one on the fourth epistle of John?

andy jones

Can't find 4 John, but here's its predecessor.

3 John

The elder commends
kind hospitality (wish
others followed suit!)

Jim Gordon

The standard keeps rising. By my count we've reached 13 Catriona confirm please, I've lost confidence in my arithmeticality. Today's blog post gives the opinion of one ancient Church Father who dismissed arithmetical virtuosity as unnecessary for a good theologian!


4 John...

This one was missed out
God not reduced to numbers...
Bean counters beware!

1 Corinthians

Life in the body -
A guide for a healthy church
Three cores: faith, hope, love.

PS I did wonder if maybe the 28th book was that big fat prequel...

andy jones

2 Corinthians
(a grumpy haiku - there may be other things to say about this letter, perhaps some of this is the 28th book?)

Don't do what I said;
do what I meant - and don't give
me all this hassle!

andy jones

This is addictive, Jim. I'm submitting this and then going into rehab! Thanks for the fun and mental stimulus. I look forward to the complete canon. Other hands will now have to contribute, moved of course by the same Spirit.

Perhaps the mysterious 28th book is this extra-canonical reading of John's gospel - the same text just read through a different set of lenses.

Light comes down here. Calls
his own, breathes his Spirit, leaves.
Follow, love, believe.

P.S. and absolutely finally... a debate between the Council of Carthage and HMRC over the missing fourth Johannine epistle

"God didn't inspire
the fourth letter!" "It's lost - that
postman's apostate"!

I predict a new Dan Brown thriller within the year.

andy jones

Just couldn't keep away. Delirium tremens took over.

Here's a Colossian offering

False philosophies
hinder. Live holy lives, be good
to one another.

andy jones

And here's 1 Timothy. Lunch time over!

Teach what you were taught,
my son. Practice your gifts, and
keep the flock faithful.

Erik Pattison

Another for 1 Corinthians;

Children, why divide?
Spiritual? You are not!
Breathe in Christ. And Love.

Erik Pattison

And for Revelation -

Clothed in Nike's robes
We defeat abyssal beasts.
Christ's city comes down.

andy jones


A prisoner writes
of joy and freedom, for Christ's
crowning came through loss.

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