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October 29, 2007



I wonder why sometimes we find it so hard to do?

Jim Gordon

Margaret, could it be that love as something we feel, gets in the way of love as something we do? That much maligned but sensible scholar William Barclay defines love as indefatigable goodwill. Not an emotional feeling of benevolence, but a determined attitude of goodwill that finds ways of acting in a loving way. Not sure what Jesus FELT about argy bargying disciples the night before he died, but I know what he DID when he took the basin and the towel.

Then there's the important Gospel perspective - if God teaches us to love maybe it isn't about what we do, so much as what we let God do in us. Grace I find more perplexing the more I try to understand it, outguess it, or even just be open to it! So no easy answer to your hard question - but I reckon answering it is one of the key demands of following after Jesus, taught by God.

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