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August 09, 2007



Christian marketing at its worst. I always found the "Spirit-Filled Life Bible" the most annoying marketing exercise. As if all other versions were not spirit-filled. Now we have 'The New Spirit-Filled Life Bible.' Lord, have mercy.


Oh dear oh dear. Is it American by any chance???





My favourite version of the bible has to be one pointed out to me by our good friend King Kenny (the one who never passes the ball at Friday night 5-a-side prayer fellowship:- 'The wicked bible'. If you search hard enough you'll find one for sale for $90,000.- One of only 9 known to be in existence.

jim gordon

I'm encouraged by the solidarity shown by these comments, and find them reassuringly outraged. Andy - I am waiting for the New Really Spirit Filled Bible - or should it be the Revised Really New Spirit Filled Bible?? Mike - the wicked Bible is the one that left out the "NOT" from the 7th commandment, yes? Mary, your inarticulate anguish represents a powerful theological critique of self-serving commercialism disguised as spiritual relevance. I'm off to read my 15 year old NIV - the text, the words, the Word - raw Bible, Scripture minus spin, a holy book untarnished by interfering spiritual busybodies.


Hi Jim,

That's right the wicked bible screws up majorly on the 7th commandment. See the link in above response for details of this, and several other significant printing errors or omissions. It bring to mind a story about Jimmy Carter. He was once asked if he had ever committed adultery, to which his response was ' In my heart, yes'.
A very clever answer for several reasons. It was probably not one of the possible answers the interviewer would have expected, it was an admission to something different from what the interviewer asked, putting the latter on the back foot, showed some depth of biblical knowledge, indicated a level of honesty which was refreshing, and, of course, neatly sidestepped the original question.


P.S. I saw a copy of the wicked bible on display in Aberdeen - when Ken and I were 'guards' at an exhibition of the bible society at the Cowdray hall. Little did I realise then the value of the exhibits on show !!


After reading your question, I found this in A.C. Grayling, quoting Julius Hare's introduction to a collection of essays. "...If I am addressing one of that numerous class who need to be told what to think, let me advise you to meddle with this book no further. You wish to buy a house ready furnished; do not come to look for it in a stone quarry. But if you are building up your opinions for yourself, and only want to be provided with the materials, you may meet with many things in these pages to suit you." Maybe bibles should carry this warning and encouragement also?

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