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May 09, 2007


andy goodliff

Jim, a great set of important questions. They echo some of what i've been reading in remembering our future, as it explores deep church

Douglas Knight

I wish we could get Torrance's 'Royal Priesthood' back into print. Isnt it time we had a conference on Torrance's work in the UK, Rutherford House to host it perhaps?
Why no British theologians amongst your list of favourites?

jim gordon

Hi Douglas - on my about me profile I predictably mention James Denney and P T Forsyth as amongst my favourite theologians. I have written on both these Scottish atonement theologians, and have found few rivals for sheer theological punch.
Thomas Torrance I have only recently begun to read again, but he is up there with his mentor H R Mackintosh. The problem with listing favourites is that I follow Wesley's dictum in his Christian Library, a 'devout eclecticism'. Charles Wesley is another of my favoutrite theologians, cos I think some of his hymns are theological miniature masterpieces.
A Scottish Conference on Torrance would be absolutely great, if it could be organised. Amazon are offering Royal Priesthood as in print at £17.99, steep price if it weren't that it's Torrance, which makes it worth it!


I was actually going to ask you for a copy of this after prayers today; so thank you for making this available.
Question 1 - see dissertation by one Mark J Schenk !!

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  • Paul Nimmo: Kenosis
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