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January 29, 2007



Jim - the issue of people not going into the Baptist Ministry is a complicated one and my hunch would be that there's a multitude of reasons why.

I think the issue of student debts incurred in previous study is one that could be very real for those who would be required to do further study at the Baptist college.

Another issue is that the whole use of the language of call or vocation is being brought into question. An example of this would be Miroslav Volf in "Work in the Spirit". Those who are persuaded by Volf's arguments, or similar, might then struggle to articulate God's leading in their lives in a frame work where a medieval understanding of call is at used.

It is also interesting that you talk of "ministry candidates" when if my understanding is right what the union are looking to accredit are not ministers of say one of the five fold ministries in Ephesians, but Pastors and a particular view of what a Pastor is at that. How does the church / how should the church affirm the gifting of apostle, teacher, evangelist and prophet?

Just some thoughts.

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